Countdown to Wedding – 3 Days!

So I am not supposed to stress out right? Easier said than done 3 days before the wedding. I have ears seeds in for the last two weeks to help me stay centered. I’m thinking I’ll add a few more today.
It can be very busy the week before the wedding so I’ll impart some wisdom that’s been handed down to me.

#1 plan your meals
It is so busy and last thing you need is a pizza hangover. Make sure you are taking your greens. In the morning I am loving a smoothie with Dr Schulze’s SuperFoods Plus powder. When I am eating right I feel better and I’m more likely to get it all done with a smile.

#2 Stay Hydrated
I carry a huge Klean Kanteen bottle with me everywhere, thank god I have a huge purse too.

#3 Care for your skin
The week before use natural products that help reflect your radiant beauty. Stress has a tendency to dehydrate and a good moisturizer will shine. I love the Purify Serum with the Refine Healing Herbal Serum from Golden Path Alchemy. Stress can also bring on breakouts which is everyone’s wedding nightmare right. So I have been using the Purify Herbal Cleanser in the morning and the Refine Cleanser at night. I also use the Goji Glow Mask about every other day, just to get that gorgeous glowing complexion.

oh shoot pedicure emergency – check back later!