A Whirl of Love & Beauty

So the wedding came off without a hitch. The winds were warm and romantic. The lanterns were glowing and the music was amazing. The tent, the flowers, the food, the cake, the wine, all the elements united in wedded celebration. Despite all the last minute changes and upsets it was the most beautiful, magical day.

I just returned from our honeymoon in the British Virgin Islands which was incredible. I am of course a sincere spa lover and the Spa at Little Dix Bay in the British Virgin Islands did not disappoint. One of my favorite treatments was the Virgin Gorda Goat Milk and Honey Body Wrap.
I feel compelled to share the skin softening secrets.

First use a dry brush to invigorate and exfoliate your skin. When dry brushing start at the extremities and move toward the heart using a circular motion.
Next blend fresh Goat Milk, Raw Honey and Organic Banana into a rich cream and apply all over the body.
Then wrap up in warm towels while the cream soothes every cell.
After 20 minutes rinse with warm water in a shower and admire your supple, glowing skin.
You could also mix the cream with a Golden Path Alchemy Herbal Mask for a mini-facial.
I didn’t get the exact recipe form the spa so experiment. Find the blend that makes your skin shine!