Pumpkin Peel

Is it too late to laud the lovely pumpkin?
So in my post wedding haze I may have missed the proper holiday order. I know that I am supposed to be over the whole fall harvest pumpkin thing and onto Christmas and candy canes.
Well I feel compelled to step out of the holiday lineup to inspire us to love our leftover pumpkin for one more day.
Pumpkin is a carotenoid rich in vitamin A, a building block of collagen and cell regeneration. Pumpkin naturally contains salicylic acid and zinc, two widely studied treatments proven effective for acne treatment and prevention. Pumpkin naturally exfoliates and gently peels the skin resulting in fresh, glowing skin.
So here is what I propose.
Paste roasted pumpkin puree right on your face. Let it dry and rinse with warm water.
You could also mix it up with some almond meal or oat flour.
If you are to tired or god forbid you actually ate all that pumpkin pie then you can just pick up the Abundance Pumpkin Peel mask from Golden Path Alchemy.