Winter Beauty Breakfast

I know we have given out some great smoothie recipes on the Golden Path Alchemy blog. On these cool winter mornings a frosty smoothie just doesn’t feel right.
So here is my absolute fave breakfast to warm up this winter. It is packed with beauty boosting foods like organic Goji Berries and Walnuts.

Cook up some Organic Oatmeal – Irish Steel Cut is my favorite
With a pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt and organic cinnamon
When the oatmeal is ready add:
Raw Organic Goji berries – I like sunfood
Chopped organic walnuts – I also love to add 1 tablespoon of Walnut Oil that I get from the Farmer’s Market.
Sweeten with Organic Raw Honey – Cold-pressed Local Wildflower will also help to boost your immunity.