Awaken in April!

The Awaken Line combines natural botanical essences that embody the Wood element to revive, connect and energize your skin, body and spirit. Pure fresh ingredients inspire new beginnings to bring forth your radiant beauty. Awaken features essential oils of Neroli, Sweet Orange and Ylang-Ylang to enliven, balance and Awaken the skin, body and spirit. These essences are perfect for the Spring.

Here are some of the benefits of essential oils that rebalance the skin during the Wood element.

• Palmarosa essential oil is beneficial for all types of skin types because it stimulates new cell growth, regulates oil production, moisturizes and speeds healing.

• Neroli essential oil is both relaxing and invigorating to the mind and body. It calms and balances the emotions while nourishing dry or mature skin.

• Ylang-Ylang essential oil stimulates feelings of deep, calm, centeredness that melts away anxiety, tension and stress making it a wonderful way to begin your day.