Green Festival – Best of the Fest

So Minka and I were in San Fran for the Green Festival this past weekend. I thought this would be a great time to share some of the awesome vendors there that are truly dedicated to green, eco practices in their businesses and in their products. The festival was an amazing time and it would not have been the same without seeing some of our friends there and  stocking up on some great goodies.It was also the first time that we got to bring out still with us.

Kate and Henry of Synergy Clothing. We love your clothes!

Caroline of Elemental Herbs. I love the All Good Lips lip balm and Minka cannot live without the All Good Goop. Your sunscreen rocks too!

Heath Force Nutritionals – Vitamineral Green – always gives me a boost at the shows (and at home)

Bright Earth Foods – The Wild Blue Green Algae is magical and sparkles like no other algae in town! Their smoothie mix is delicious – filled with maca, blue green algae, camu camu, cordyceps and more…

Al-kemi – We love your spagyric, alchemical elixirs! We picked up 4 Ginsengs and a few others that I cannot wait to use.

Taylor’s Tonics – these are delicious and we especially loved the new Mint Mojito.

Zen’s Purple Garden – there are beautiful, relaxing lavender sachets that help you relax and sleep more soundly!