Our newest product – Beautiful Belly Oil – now available!

Minka and I created this product as a favor for a group of our friends that all were pregnant at the same time and now it is available for the public!

Beautiful Belly Oil is a holistic blend of organic oils, flower essences and essential oils nourishes the skin and reduces stretch marks during pregnancy. It can also be used for stretch marks that occur on the body not due to pregnancy.

Product Features:

• Sweet almond oil is a wonderful natural emollient that softens, smoothes and conditions all skin types while balancing moisture in the body.

• Frankincense essential oil increases spiritual awareness, uplifts the spirits, purifies the mind, balances oily and dry skin and relaxes the muscles. It is high in sesquiterpenes, which stimulate the limbic system, the root of memory and emotions.

• Lavender essential oil induces a heightened sense of relaxation and improves mental accuracy and concentration. Lavender is an adaptogenic oil that balances the body and soothes the mind, body and spirit.