Scents of Peace

I just finished making a fresh organic rose hydrosol with the first blossoms of summer. I walked around the garden picking the petticoated petals steeped with their heavenly scent.

As many of you know we distill our own floral hydrosols to make Golden Path Alchemy Toners and Alchemysts. Some of the flowers we grow organically to make these hydrosols are chamomile, geranium, lavender and of course the lovely rose. We pick each flower at its peak selecting only the purest most beautiful blossoms to create our exceptional hyrdosols.

It is such a wonderful experience to walk through the garden collecting blossoms. Then packing them into our hammered copper still where the rich flowers are transformed into an incredible alchemical healing mist.  Every drop of hydrosol (also know as floral waters) is infused with the essence of the plant material, including the essential oil. Rose hydrosol has been used for thousands of years as a beauty elixir and is a perfect toner for all skin types. Rose hydrosol is also known for its peaceful properties calming the mind and reducing anxiety. The intoxicating scent is known the world over as an aphrodisiac. Rose essential oil has the highest frequency of any oil. It calms the mind and the skin, reduces redness, soothes broken capillaries and revives tired, aged skin.

You can find this glorious handmade garden rose hydrosol in our Renew Toner.