Bridal Beauty

So I am getting married in June and according to all of the magazines, I should have started prepping my skin for the wedding around the same time as when I picked out my dress! This seemed a bit absurd and now as the big day gets closer and closer, I wish I had started a beauty regime a few months ago.
I still have time though, right?

The next few months will be filled with posts of fresh masks, herbal treatments and food for the skin, so stay tuned!

This is what I have been doing so far:

raw (manuka) honey mixed with our Illuminate Herbal Mask
three times per week
20-30 minutes

results: softer skin and faint reduction in hyper-pigmentation!

I have hyper-pigmentation and tend to tan easily so I must be careful while in the sun. This could be especially problematic with a wedding in Jamaica, but oh well. Between covering up and my FAVORITE sunscreen I am hoping to keep my face freckle-free.

BTW: I just noticed a scar that I have had for about a year and a half is now totally gone!
Thank you Illuminate Herbal Mask and Renew Serum!

Another crucial part of my daily routine is our new Awaken Cleanser (coming soon). It is a blend of two Chinese herbal formulas and gently “lifts” the skin as well as your spirit.

Minka and I on her wedding day!