Ancient Beauty Elixir

Minka and I are acupuncturists and herbalists that often love to recreate traditional formulas and whip them up for friends and family. Here is a wonderful beauty elixir that we have modified a bit for modern times…it is easy to make and your skin will radiate! It is an overall anti-oxidant booster, cleanses and supports the liver and kidneys (which both keep the skin smooth, free of wrinkles and age spots) and boosts your energy as well.


Schizandra – a well-known beauty herb that  protects the skin from the damaging effects of the sun, rejuvenates the skin, helps it retain moisture and promotes a glowing complexion.

Goji Berry – a superfood that is packed with anti-oxidants (they keep your body young by scavenging free radicals) and one of the highest sources of naturally occurring vitamin c. Vitamin c is an essential component of collagen production – that is what keeps the skin tight.

Reishi  – a mushroom that is one of the most revered herbal substances in Asia, an overall tonic and immune booster.

Astragalus – an herb that brings circulation and blood to the face, this helps lift and tone the skin and decreases wrinkles.

How to Prepare Your Tincture:

put 4 tbs of goji berries, 4 tbs of schizandra berries, 4 sticks of reishi and  4 sticks of astragalus into a glass jar

cover the jar with vodka and store in a cool, dark place for 6 weeks.

shake daily if possible.


1 tbs of tincture in water or with mineral water daily. you may add a little fresh juice (cranberry, tart cherry, or pomegranate) to the mineral water to make a delicious treat!