Pregnancy Edema Relieved

We are thrilled to announce that the beautiful Emilia Beckett Murray was born at the end of May. I am so happy for the proud parents (Ashley and Holland) of the first GPA baby.

As many of you know pregnancy is full of new, interesting and sometimes difficult changes. From morning sickness to stretchmarks these changes range from awkward to hellish. Edema is one of the most common issues associated with pregnancy. It can be as minor as a muffin top around your Mary Janes or it can cause more serious discomfort and pain. Ashley, like many moms to be, was struck with this fluid affliction. Luckily for us she is an avid researcher and eager tester of cure claims. Here is what worked for her.

An over the counter generic homeopathic for edema available at any health food store called hamamelis.

Cucumber – 1-4/day. Juicing them seems to be the most effective. We love combining 2 cucumbers with celery, romaine lettuce, apple and lemon, but feel free to experiment and find out what tastes right to you.

Acupuncture – At lease 1X week.

One Chinese Herbal Formula – Wu Pi San – use under the guidance of an Acupuncturist.