Boost your immune system with astragalus

Astragalus, or Huang Qi, as it is known in Chinese medicine, is an adaptogenic herb which has many uses. Adaptogenic herbs are intelligent herbs that know what the body needs. They protect the body from stress and act on the body in the right manner in which to bring it back to balance.

Now back to astragalus…

it protects and boosts the immune system thus helping to prevent colds, viruses, and upper respiratory infections.
it has a strong cleansing effect on the liver.
it boosts circulation and blood to the face which helps lift and tone the skin and decrease wrinkles.
it boosts milk production for lactating women.

Here are a few ways to incorporate astragalus into your life:

place a few pieces of astragalus root into stews, or when making soups (remove before eating)
take astragalus capsules to boost the immune system. 2 caps three times/day
make a tea with the herbs or buy prepared
a great Chinese formula, Jade Windscreen or Yu Ping Feng San, helps prevent colds before they happen. Take 2-3 caps three times daily during the flu season or when around sick friends and family. This is perfect to start before school starts or when working in the health field or a medical office. This is often called the “Teacher’s Formula”

don’t forget to ask your doctor to make sure astragalus is okay for you to incorporate into your supplement schedule

It’s the white herb that looks like a long tongue depressor…

Astragalus and rose