Honey Champagne Strawberry Mask

If  you happen to have any leftover champagne or want to pop open another bottle for your next luxurious DIY facial mask here is the recipe for you!

1/2 tbs champagne
1 mashed or pureed strawberry
1 tbs raw honey (you can substitute agave or regular honey)
1 tbs egg white
1 tsp Romance Herbal Mask (substitute 1 tsp ground oats)

Blend all ingredients together until creamy, apply to face with fingertips or a facial brush.
Leave on 20-30 minutes. You may apply a warm washcloth to the face, sit back and relax!
Rinse with warm water, follow with toner and moisturizer.

Herbal Actions:

Champagne is rich in tartaric acid, promotes cellular growth and gently exfoliates the skin.

Strawberries naturally lighten the skin and hyper-pigmentation.

Raw honey draws moisture into the skin and gently exfoliates the top layer of the skin.