Lavender Hibiscus Lemonade

IMG_68545-10 fresh (or dried) lavender stalks
2 tbs hibiscus flowers (dried)
3 tbs raw honey or agave – whichever sweetener you prefer (make it vegan with the agave)

Place all ingredients in a double boiler (or make one by using a glass bowl inside a pan filled with a few inches of water).

Cook on low for 10 minutes, then let the mixture cool for at least an hour.
I let it stew for another few days, but this is optional.
Strain, then use this as your “simple syrup” for the lemonade.

Depending on how much lemonade you want to make…

Add 8 cups of filtered, spring or distilled water
Add the juice of 2-3 lemons (you can alter this based on how tart you like your lemonade).

Serve with ice and a few slices of lemonade or lavender stalks if you have them!